The Life of Tree

Rising artist Tree may have his roots firmly planted in the A, but it won’t be long until his canopy covers the USA

Stretching, reaching for the sky so the much-needed nutrients from the sun. Tree’s shed their leaves each fall, but each spring come back bigger and more beautiful than ever. One doesn’t see the changes occurring, but we know they are. They absorb everything around them, in one with the ecosystem and environment around them. And barring human intervention, or a freak weather event, trees will continue to grow and stretch for the entirety of their lives. It can be hard to understand the level of intensity and passion contained within 3fly’s slim frame. He has a lowkey energy that radiates outwards, ready to let loose and show the fun side whenever he feels like. For 3Fly, the transition of his name over to Tree is fitting. He is a curious individual, his new endeavors reaching out like tendrils into each of his interests, almost creating a multi-color effect of skill. There is no doubt that he is still a fly dude, his swag is his and no one elses, but with the transition of name also comes a more dedicated focus to ensuring that each part of the plan is working together properly.

Born on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and raised in Atlanta, Tree planted his musical roots at a young age. It isn’t hard to imagine his wide-smile plastered across his face, standing out on the rows of rafters during his middle school choir concerts. From the beginning, Tree possessed an old soul, favoring R&B and soul music while growing up. He looked up to Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige and Mariah Carey, and of course once Chris Brown came onto the scene, Tree made sure to get him in rotation. As a natural showman, it isn’t a surprise these individuals stood out to him. When it comes to rappers though, Lil Wayne stands above all in Tree’s mind. Wayne was the motivation for Tree to start rapping originally himself, back in high school. While he wasn’t able to gain traction back then, music never left his heart, and when he did decide to get back in the booth it was game on. He has released a consistent stream of singles and full length-projects, collaborating with artists across the United States. He is consistently focused on bettering himself, and the best way he has found to do that is by putting himself around those on the same path with the same lofty ambitions.

Part of the Tree’s growing experience has been understanding and mastering the numerous individual parts of becoming a successful independent artist. His passion for the music pushes him forward, as he would rather work off the love than for the money. Yea the moneys cool and all, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of putting together a full track on his own, sitting back and being able to enjoy it. With his latest release, Beautiful Noise, Tree reached into his vault and compiled 12 songs made in the last couple of years. Speaking of the last couple of years, Tree has been working on spreading reach by connecting and collaborating with new musicians. Most of it came about by using LUM, a music-streaming app that is heavily populated by artists. Almost 95% of the app is made up of music-creators making it the perfect place to make connections for fledgling artists. One of the more important connections that Tree has made is with Michael Rashad, a lyrical artist based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Tree and Michael actually linked up in person for the first time at The Farm Festival this last August in Milwaukee, the same place I linked up with them for the first time. The two had chemistry from the first time they connected on LUM, creating an entire project, entitled Big Mood, which finds the two of them flowing effortlessly over ten tracks. Tree’s more melodic flow meshes well with Michael’s dense lyrical display, alternating back and forth while they continue to push themselves. Don’t let that make you think Tree didn’t come ready to spit, he certainly did, and his more recent releases have showcased his abilities to spin words like Weezy much more closely.

Quarantine did nothing to slow Tree down, instead it allowed him to focus on putting in the work to ensure that when quarantine ended, he would be on his way to being self-sufficient. The best investments that individuals can make are in themselves, and when there’s nothing else going on in the world and jobs weren’t coming back anytime soon, many people were inspired to become their own bosses. Tree founded Millions and Billions, a clothing line, spending countless hours doing research and educating himself on the ins and outs of clothing. There is full lines for men, women, and kids, and by the looks of his social media pages, the people have been fucking with it heavily. He started the clothing line during quarantine, wisely investing his stimulus money in order to keep it coming back his way, even if it wasn’t right away. Part of always growing, is always being open to learning. Like almost everyone, Harry Potter books took up a sizeable chunk of his reading time while younger. Although he hasn’t been at it as much lately, Tree used to be a heavy reader, his favorite book of all time being “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In place of reading, Tree learned how to mix and master his own projects. Ever the businessman, he knew that by learning how to do it himself he would be able to save not only money, but the time that he would otherwise spend waiting for the engineer to slide the completed tracks back over.  

With the sense of relief that the outcome of the 2020 presidential election provided to millions across the country, one might almost be forgiven for forgetting there is still two months left of this year. But Tree though, Tree is determined to  make the most out of the mileage still left on the broken down, used-car that is 2020. Besides the recently dropped Beautiful Noise, Tree is planning on releasing two more projects. One of them, 3’s Company, is going to be a tape filled with some of the feature spots that he did this year. Another, to be entitled Dry Cleaner, puts the focus directly back onto Tree. Add in a new winter line from Millions and Billions, and Tree will close out 2020 having taken advantage of everything to the utmost. His progression is clear, even in the music released over the last six months from Big Mood to Beautiful Noise. Make sure to follow the socials to get on the releases when they drop, although even if you don’t, Tree will still be doing his thing and focusing on growing as big and strong as he can. Hit up the socials, make sure to get to the website for the winter drop. With Tree’s planned spontaneity, who knows what goodies will drop off!

Instagram: @thr33fly

Streaming Platforms: @3fly

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