6F Londo and the F Stands for Figures

Up and Coming Milwaukee artist 6F Londo is here to give the game some game and shake up the scene

Apparently, no one ever told 6F Londo that there are no second acts in American life. In the two short years that he has been in the game, Londo has dropped a single digit number of singles scattered between Soundcloud, Apple and Spotify. The 6F in his name stands for 6 Figures, but it might as well have 6-fold Londo with the high streaming numbers he has garnered with the seven songs that have been officially released. Although he has yet to drop a full album, Londo has made a hell of an impression with the singles that he has been dropping. From regularly performing shows around the city to being featured on HipHopWeekly with the infectious single “God’s Will”, and even getting shout-outs from overseas hip-hop media, Londo’s first few steps in the game have seemed more like leaps. One of the reasons for this success is Londo’s dedication to studying the numbers behind the streams and interactions on social media. Additionally, Londo rounds out his learning with reading and podcasts, a dedicated fan of the “Rich Dad” series by Robert Kiyosaki and the podcast “Wholeselling Elite” by Max Maxwell. Based off Londo’s dedication to learning, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he is precise in his movements, not wanting to waste a second or a dollar on his pursuit of his Swindle Gang compadres in running up the numbers into the seven figures.

In another life, 6F Londo might have been a world-class chess player, smoothly working his way around the board until he picked his opponents pieces off one by one. For the most part, he prefers to stay out of the way, grinding and running up the numbers be it the music or the money. When it comes to Londo making moves he prefers to stay quiet, sliding around life’s board in all direction to avoid ending up accidentally playing checkers because in his words, “Checkers get you checked out”.  Londo is different than most rappers as he had a legal bag before he even touched a mic. Life is a finite adventure and after coming home in 2018, Londo refused to waste a minute of his. He left Milwaukee and headed down to Atlanta, determined to get his money straight. Moving away from the city that had given and taken so much from him might not have been easy but it was an incredibly intelligent move as it allowed Londo to grind in relative anonymity. From the second that Londo stepped into the world of real estate, he took the drive that had him tearing up the streets and applied it to getting the properties gone. It didn’t hurt either that Londo has an innate feel for business and a voracious appetite for knowledge, especially anything involving numbers. Part of the reason Londo stayed under the radar while stacking was to use his business acumen on behalf of his Swindle Gang homies. He spent time on the road with Gwapo Chapo and Looney Babie, acting as a quasi-road manager which allowed Londo to network the living hell out of everywhere they touched down. Any top-tier businessman knows that you are only as good as your network, and Londo is without a doubt on his way to that status. Being teamed up with a standout management team such as Black Out Entertainment didn’t hurt either. Remaining mostly in the background also allowed Londo to spend his free hours on the road in the studio with incredibly talented artists cooking up together and challenging himself to progress.

There’s an adage that says if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. This is an ingrained belief for Londo, as he is all about spreading the love to those around him and working to ensure that everyone can get the bag, not just him. Going together isn’t enough in it of itself, as it can be too easy to stay around people who might be the homie but aren’t willing to put their nose to the grindstone. Surrounding oneself with those who are on the same mission as yourself bring the same type of passion and drive to the table ultimately can make or break an up and coming anything. There is no doubt that Londo has done just that as a part of Swindle Gang, and it has been a hell of a few years for the gang. Of course, they have all been around doing their thing for a lot longer than a couple of years, but 2018 was no doubt a sign that national notice was coming, and soon. Looney Babie and Gwapo Chapo dropped the infectious in your face banger, “All Racks”, a track that took the city over. In 2019 Mike Mike burst on the scene, dropping tape after tape, and although he has a heavily slapp based sound, Mike Mike intelligently used the fact that he has a personality and a half to separate himself from the rest. Lowend Zelly dropped his first official album in 2020, Swindle Season, keeping the rotation-like release schedule that Swindle Gang has been rocking with. In a symbiotic relationship, standout producer Emazon consistently plugs the entire Swindle Gang roster with beats which has led to nothing but positive results. In fact, Emazon and Londo will sit down a few times a week just to talk business and delve deeply into the back-end metrics to keep Swindle Gangs rocket ship headed to the stratosphere. It is that sort of dedication to the grind and mutual desire to grow that has forged a deep bond between them.

Although Londo is all about planning and research when he is figuring out his next moves, when he steps in the booth, the businessman melts away and his inner artist emerges. He still has an idea where the track is going to go based off his knowledge of the numbers, but for Londo the booth is his therapists’ office allowing him to explore his mind and begin putting to rest the demons that roam. That might explain why Londo has around 500 songs in the vault, and “If I dropped all my shit in order it would make sense, it would end up sounding like a journal”. Londo isn’t afraid to try new things in the booth either, experimenting and tweaking to hit the different demographics in his mind. Londo wasn’t called Londo back when he used to run the cracked streets of Milwaukee, he took on the moniker when he began making music in order to separate himself from his past so he could find out if he really had it or not. He didn’t want anyone to fuck with him based off anything he may have done, he wanted the recognition and attention to come from the quality work he was putting out. One of the reasons that the rest of Swindle Gang has risen to the levels they have, is their individual story-telling abilities and Londo is no different. That’s just one of a dozen reasons, but it has allowed Londo to elevate and explore styles across the board. The emotion comes through clear in Londo’s voice, even when the words get a little muddied up, and his released singles have shown progression with each drop. His flow is straight-forward methodical, just like him, but that makes the weight behind every single word hit the listener in the gut that much more.

No matter where he goes, Londo puts on for his hometown. Milwaukee is a city full of people who know how to make hustle in any situation, a trait that made Londo’s heart swell with pride over the past eight months watching as people found ways to keep on going and grinding through the pandemic. In the past two months, Londo has performed twice and has another show coming up on November 26th at Retox Martini Lounge as one of two openers for Young Scooter, the other opener being Foreign Kidd. His roll isn’t stopping anytime soon, as Londo is planning to drop a full-length project before the end of the year. “Life primed me for this platform”, Londo said, his mind razor-sharp and ready for whatever challenges are going to inevitably come his way. Follow the whole gang on the socials, subscribe to their channels and run up the numbers even more especially the video released for Looney Babie’s “Drill” remix featuring the late great King Von that is a fucking beast of a song. With his dedication to the grind and passion that bleeds through everything he does, 6F Londo is poised to be the next Swindle Gang member to make his mark in hip-hop.

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