Calm & Green in the Sea of FaBrIcE

Up and Coming artist FaBrIcE stays focused on keeping the vibe tight while continuing to rise!

One of the biggest moments in a kids life is telling their parents, politely of course, to fuck off with the life plans the parents had in mind for the kid. Chasing a dream is an intoxicating feeling, and even if one never makes it at least they can say they did everything they could to try and make it happen. That moment for FaBrIcE came when attending Kennesaw State, switching his major from Mechanical Engineering to Entrepreneurship and letting his folks know that it was time for him to go hard with the music. While most parents would freak out, FaBrIcE was lucky his understood the need to chase the dream, and with that it was off to the races.

FaBrIcE was born right on the equator in Cameroon, spending the first five or six years of his life there before his parents decided to pack up and head to the United States. They landed in Minnesota, where FaBrIcE saw snow for the first time, and was fully unprepared for a Midwest winter. It took his mom that one winter to decide that she didn’t want to go through another like that, so the family packed on up and moved down to Atlanta. There they found the weather to be much more to their liking and have been there ever since. FaBrIcE was always an intelligent kid who understood the way the education system worked in the United States early. Instead of actually sitting down and studying for tests, he would memorize the information for the exam and then dump it out afterwards, the classic study-dump technique utilized by millions of high school students across the country. It was fortunate that there were few cumulative tests, because, “No way I would have remembered,” FaBrIcE laughed while reminiscing on his time in high school. FaBrIcE tried his hand at football while in high school, deciding to sign up to, “have the motivation to get everything together and on point in my life. I wanted the rigorous training and a hardass coach to yell at me because I didn’t have anyone like that in my life,” which is one of the more interesting reasons for someone to play football. His most poignant memory from his time on the gridiron came during summer training, when a homie came to pick him up after practice. FaBrIcE hopped in the whip with all his gear, and they started to pull off. The car made it a very short ways, in the lot still, when FaBrIcE shouted at the driver to pull over and hold on a second. He opened the door and sprinted to the bushes, letting fly with all the food and drink he had in him, before hopping back in the car and going on their way. It wasn’t too long after that FaBrIcE called it a wrap on football, spending the rest of his high school days kicking it with friends playing League of Legends and listening to music.

When FaBrIcE went off to Kennesaw state, he was finally out of the house for the first time. And life was good. He spent the majority of the first two years enjoying life on his own and living it up like college kids do. When FaBrIcE enrolled in Kennesaw, he declared himself as a Mechanical Engineering major, a safe and steady career path. It wasn’t exactly his calling though, more of a degree for his parents than anything else. He began to mess around with music, having loved it his whole life but never pursuing it in a serious manner. Back in the day, FaBrIcE e would vibe out heavy to the original Young Money squad, like so many of us trying to figure out how to make the bed rock after sipping on some coconut juice in high school. The first song that FaBrIcE released was a “Coming Home” remix which is buried so deeply on Soundcloud that he would have to reveal the artist name he was using back then for anyone to find it. It was him and his brother messing around at home, using Fruity Loops and a basic microphone to get the job done. While working at a restaurant on Kennesaw States campus, FaBrIcE began getting his feet wet in the studio for real this time. He started recording with an engineer named Eddie Stokes, the hours flying by as FaBrIcE became hooked on the progression that he saw with every session. The first song that they ever recoded together was entitled, “Crossing Bridges”, which makes perfect sense as a title given the constant bridges FaBrIcE has had to cross in order to make his dream of making music work. Although progression drives FaBrIcE, he is careful to ensure he doesn’t burn himself out by making pointless music. He is sure to step back from the booth and center himself in what matters the most, his own personal life. Don’t get it twisted, FaBrIcE puts in the work with over one hundred songs and two tapes in the vault, but for him making music isn’t about forcing it. No, it is about the long game, making sure that he is able to continually make music without feeling burned out or discouraged about the work not correlating with success immediately.

For an up and coming artist, being able to perform live and get their name out there is key to growing their career. Unfortunately, it can be hard as hell to find spots where the artist themselves don’t have to pay to get on the stage. It can also be incredibly hard to grab a crowd if you are an up and coming artist without much initial buzz, but FaBrIcE got a tip from Kado Dupre years ago that sticks with him to this day. While FaBrIcE was interviewing Kado for the school paper at Kennesaw, Kado told him, “Whatever song you rock with the most, perform that at least once at every show you go to,” as the energy from you fucking with it will translate outwards regardless and engage the crowd. Before the pandemic shut down the entire live performance industry, FaBrIcE was working to create a live experience where artists not only were able to perform for free, but also make money off of ticket sales by allowing the artist to get in for free and sell tickets for a little bit of pocket money. Everyone can eat in this game if pride is swallowed for the sake of helping others out who are in the situation you once were, and FaBrIcE runs off this mentality. Hopefully he is able to enact upon that vision once live shows become a reality. For FaBrIcE, one of his best experiences on a stage came from an opportunity where he wasn’t paid for the show, but didn’t have to pay his way in either. He performing was a show in Decatur, and after destroying the stage was approached immediately after to fill in for a drop out performer at a show in Valdasto. Without a second thought, he hopped in the whip and rode out. The show was at a wakeboarding festival, a hell of a location to be on stage. The performance itself was an absolute smash, FaBrIcE had the crowd rocking to the point that people were handing him drinks on stage. Those sort of experiences keep him going when he is feeling in a rut as though nothing is going right, keeping him focused on getting back to the stage and continuing to go bigger than ever.

There may only be two months left of 2020, but for FaBrIcE there is still time aplenty to accomplish a few things. As of now, the plan is to release a tape on his birthday, December 27th, entitled Luv $ucks while continuing with consistent releases on Soundcloud to keep the momentum moving. Most of the project was mixed by the homie, Eddie Stokes, with the exceptions being tracks mixed by Drumz&Rosez. There may not be any shows upcoming, but FaBrIcE is still looking forward to the day he can get back up there and feel the energy of the crowd around him, pushing him forward. He released an EP not too long ago entitled, Quarantingz, which is a great starting place for anyone looking to get introduced to his music. One of my favorite tracks on that EP is “Shmoke”, which makes sense given the fact we ended the conversation talking about the LC pack FaBrIcE had been smoking on that day, after running through the Cherry Pie that had been putting him in a coma the week before. His upbeat vibe definitely denotes heavy smoke in the air at all times, searching for the next light beam to catch a vibe and ride out on a high. Hopefully that LC keeps him up and running, as FaBrIcE heads into 2021 planning on making a splash with merchandise coming to the table as well as a couple of as yet unnamed projects that are sure to shake shit up. Make sure to follow the socials, check out the music available on all platforms (Apple, Soundcloud, Spotify), and be ready for the birthday drop December from the man, the myth, the FaBrIcE!

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