Malachiii Is Ready To Fly

Rising Los-Angeles based artist Malachiii is here to shine his light into the world and illuminate the positive vibes even under the darkest clouds

Listening to Malachiii feels like a cool breeze on a heavy, dog-day summer afternoon, refreshing and replenishing your energy for life as it rushes past, that moment of envelopment making everything alright. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter exudes positivity with a true passion, putting time and effort into making his energy as real and relatable as possible. His latest release, “Hold Me” brings the pre-summer feeling of anticipation to life, and the music video has already racked up 50 thousand views on YouTube in the nine days since it dropped. It’s a promising sign for the recent Motown Records signee, building on the success of the video he released alongside the single, “I’m Back”, that’s been watched almost 150 thousand times from its March 30th release date. This wave seems destined to continue swelling for Malachiii now that he is with Motown. Besides being surrounded by some of the best songwriters and producers in the game to sharpen his pen, Motown “gives me the opportunity to get my music out into the world in the manner that I see it in my head.”, Malachiii explained during a Zoom press conference.

This journey to those views started more than a decade ago for Malachiii. As the son of two artistically-driven individuals, Malachiii was encouraged to explore the boundaries of his own imagination from the start. Taking after his mom, Malachiii found his first love on the dance floor. It was after his mom founded a youth school for aspiring entertainers that Malachiii’s talents became widely evident, leading to him getting on stage professionally at the age of 14 with A.R. Rahman’s “A Journey Home” world tour. Back then, he was just Malachi, a young performer with a dream. The experience of sharing the stage with such venerated, experienced performers was a crash course in professionalism in the music industry for the young Malachiii. He saw how the music fit the venue, how the fans and the music mutually interacted but, more importantly, the amount of dedicated work that takes to be on a stage in front of packed venues night in and night out. It was then and there that Malachiii decided to dedicate himself whole-heartedly to the process, putting all of himself into getting back to those same stages but with his name lit up as the headliner.

Over the years his dedication has remained steadfast, Malachiii found himself falling deeply in love with the process along the way. It makes sense, as Malachiii lists Timbaland, Kanye West and Pharrell at the top of his influences as a developing artist. They are three artists whose commitment to the process has helped define their legacy, remaining the same regardless of their success. Similarly, Malachiii sees music as the most powerful connection point humans share and to have a positive impact requires being fully honest and vulnerable in his music. It was that line of thought that led Malachiii to add the last two I’s to his name in 2020, signaling to the world that he was no longer the young man creating just for the sake of it. Life’s journey had opened his third eye, both creatively and spiritually, and his mission had focused itself into one of unity and positivity. What goes around comes around, and it wasn’t too long after that re-dedication of self that Motown came knocking, confirming what Malachiii had known all along; trust the process. He is currently working on his debut EP, the first full body of work that he will be putting out into the world. It is sure to be a kaleidoscope of vibes, put together with the utmost care and sent out with purpose. Until the project drops, keep up with Malachiii on his social medias and do yourself a favor by getting acquainted with the rest Malachiii’s catalog available across all streaming platforms.

Instagram: @malachiiislife

Twitter: @malachiiislife



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