Ash B is Keepin It Real Till the End

Up and Coming Atlanta artist Ash B is locked in and ready to make a major splash in 2021

Born in Atlanta in 1997, Ash B has been grinding her whole life. She may only be twenty three, but with her old-soul leading the way, her confidence in her ability in the booth has finally blossomed to the point of overflowing, leaving the door of success wide open for her to walk through. Ash B has been writing for years, starting sometime around 2010 when she was in eighth grade, although it was mainly for her own amusement as Ash kept them in the safe for the most part. Ash was kind enough to give the first full song that she ever wrote to a childhood friend, she held onto others and would sometimes give them out given her desire to remain behind the scenes. She was simply not confident enough in her ability to be the one in front of the microphone, even though she has without a doubt been a confident woman in every other forum she has stepped into. Ash B served in the United States Army as a mechanic, and initially supposed to be heading to Iraq when a switch-up allowed her to end up in Hawaii, working on Humvees and LMTV’s as they came in from doing work. It was while there that Ash became acquainted with an engineer named Bobby, who had his own studio fairly close to the base, and who Ash found after trolling through Facebook looking for people around her to link up with. After Ash B puled up to the studio, Bobby listened to a couple of the tracks she had hidden away, immediately taking a liking to what he heard and offered to be her engineer at a discounted rate. The positive feedback Ash B got from the encounter with Bobby, combined with Tana Man’s incessant urgings for her to get her ass into the studio, helped push Ash’s confidence meter into the “I’m a beast” zone where it currently resides. Ash B first met Tana Man when she became romantically intertwined with Tana’s sister back in 2016, and he has lit a fire under her ass from the time she came home from Hawaii to get in the studio and make the music he knew Ash was capable of. The results have been clear, as Ash B has been able to grow a following quick and get cosigns from people across the industry.

Locking into the studio over the past five or six months, Ash B has been determined to find her own sound and slide into her own zone. She grew up listening to two of the Dirty South’s greats, T.I. and Jeezy, allowing their ability to paint pictures with words inspire her as she went about her days as a kid in Atlanta. Outside of those two, Ash B listened to female greats, such as Beyonce, Rhianna, and Lauryn Hill, and even chopped up Beyonce’s love song “Halo”, turning it into a hip-hop ballad. Given her old soul, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ash B loves turning back the clock with her headphones, bumping plenty from The Temptations, Anita Baker, Anthony Hamilton, and when she really needs some inspiration, Tevon Campbell. It has been a journey for her to find her own voice, especially given the fact that she is a soft-spoken individual albeit one who speaks with force. For Ash, the vibe is everything so if the feeling is off then she stays away, one of the reasons why she would rather chill by herself and write more than anything else. It’s also one of the reasons that Ash has enjoyed being able to lock herself in the studio and work. It is in her nature to write, rather than speak, through her emotions, and in being able to lock into the studio for hours, Ash has been able to work through trials and tribulations in her own life. More than just writing songs though, Ash B also enjoys writing stories and poems from different characters perspectives, just doing whatever she can to keep her creative juices flowing in a positive direction. It’s all about keeping the vibe positive and allowing herself to feel as though it’s coming together and connecting well throughout every aspect of her life.

It wasn’t long ago that Ash B dropped her first song, “With Me”, but the positive reaction was immediate, both internally and externally. Ash felt the confidence blossom like it never had before, giving her confidence that she really had something with the music thing and giving her the drive to continue pushing forward. She also changed her name, having performed or released under the name TroubleTre back when she first started creating back in high school. Tre was representative of her hooping ability, anywhere anytime step back and let that shot fly, and well, Ash was known to get into a little bit of trouble outside of school/off the court hence the first half of her name. The name change was also a movement by Ash to present herself as naturally as possible and just be herself, and no one else. The genuine connection that she was attempting to push through her music felt distorted by using a moniker that wasn’t immediately connected to her. So, given that her name is Ashlei Brogdon, Ash B seemed like the best possible solution. Being genuine and loyal are two character traits which Ash B holds near and dear to her heart, something clear to anyone who sees her tattoos as well as most of the 15 are based on family and friends and other significant pieces of Ash’s life so far. Tattoo’s are always a way of releasing pain for Ash, cathartically letting go of the pain that those being disloyal or turning their back on her caused Ash over the years and allowing her to move forward taking those lessons with her. Ash has been through a whole hell of a lot, and when things get down to it, Ash can look at the tattoos and remember, “No one is built like you, remember who you are and where you’re from, and then I can go and rock it out”. That type of self-confidence and belief in her ability is certainly going to take Ash far in this music game.

 When Ash B showed her music to her girl’s brother, Tana Man, an artist himself, immediately saw the talent as well. The two of them didn’t have an immediate connection through the music, but after they spent some time together and warmed up, Ash shared some of her music and knew that Ash had something worth pursuing. Getting a DM from DC YoungFly didn’t hurt Ash’s drive either, his being someone that Ash knew as a younger child but hadn’t talked too in years, and getting an endorsement from him that she was rockin was a sign for her too that it was time to pick up the shovel and see how deep this tunnel went. She dropped a second song, entitled “Paid in Full” to much fanfare as well, and has seen her number consistently rising, more pumps of confidence into her fire to keep her focused on the grind. Ash has been working heavily with her homie from Hawaii, Bobby, who has been mixing and mastering most of the new music that Ash has been putting together. As of right now, her plan is to hit the end of the year hard, pumping out two full tapes and having them ready to rock for 2021 when she plans to drop them on the world. She wants to be able to let the world know that she is here and not to play around. In addition to Bobby, Ash has been working with producer Drumz&Rosez, and trying to stay as local as possible with her connections, building up those around her who are on the same type of mission with the same type of focus. Ash is planning to drop a single on New Year’s, opening up the doors and letting the world know that she’s coming for hers in 2021. If her grind continues to stay as on point as it has been, and Ash can continue to keep her confidence level high, the sky is the limit for Ash B.

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