Back To The Farm III

Leading up to October’s third annual Farm Festival in Milwaukee, WI, get to know the man behind the curtain, Tyler Schmitt aka TymeTravels

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ITS GAMETIME BABY. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waking up for the past week thinking, “Damn, it’s already that time of the year again?”. Fall is here whether we’re ready for it or not, but thankfully there’s still plenty to look forward to, beginning with the third annual Farm Festival in Milwaukee hosted by the Ultimate Farm Collective. Designed for artists to maximize their networking abilities, the Farm Festival has evolved from bringing together LUM artists (now-defunct streaming service) to a gathering of like-minded individuals ranging across the music spectrum, putting special emphasis on bringing a spotlight to local artists. Stepping onto the farm, the transformative energy is evident. By presenting a space that enhances and focuses mental expansion, the Farm is a one of a kind experience that you definitely won’t want to miss out on!

Before the festival kicks off on Saturday, October 8th, I sat down with the founder of the Ultimate Farm Collective and the Farm Festival, Tyler Schmitt to see where his mind was at leading up to the first set of the fest:

1.) As you’re getting ready for the third annual farm festival, what’re you most excited for? 

Year three is a big year, I personally am excited for the crowd to better meet the artists expectations and create an experience which blows fans outside of the water and highlights some amazing talent under the radar. 

2.) Do you feel like it’s becoming easier to book the full line-up? Are there a lot of returning artists?

As the festival is gaining recognition artists have been reaching out and several will be returning from years 1/2. The times are different every year and this year we are designing the lineup a little differently than either of the previous years. We worked out a lot of the kinks and lessons in 2020 and 2021. 

3.) What else has been going on w the farm in the last year? Anything you want to mention or shoutout?

The Collaborative Farm community has been producing lots of organic food this year, and we have a few non-profit youth education programs taking root around that energy. The educational benifits of the environment have been exciting to see impact people who visit. Everyone has been looking forward to the fest because it puts the farm on the city map and that usually leads to some good momentum into winter which is always a tough time for farming

TICKETS HERE – use code COMEUP for 50% off!!

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