Deeper Than His Memories

Up-and-coming artist, Aaron Quinn, is standing strong on all 10 as he puts on for his family and the 262

From understanding himself to the world and people around him, the biggest influence in Aaron’s life has always been his family. Born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin, about twenty minutes outside of Milwaukee, Aaron’s grandparents worked hard to instill deep levels of understanding of the world around him, without any sunny filters, from a young age. That doesn’t mean they tried to impress a negative image of gloom and doom, rather making sure that he understood that humans have great capacity for both love and hate. Those lessons rise to the surface when speaking with Aaron, deep pools of wisdom sitting behind his cornea’s taking in everything around them. At the same time, Aaron is quick to joke and laugh, spreading positive energy and inclusion wherever he goes. His family showed him how fast life’s pool can plunge straight into its deepest ends, but equally as important Aaron’s family showed him the importance of making the most of the opportunities placed in front of him. This thinking displays itself clearly through the music Aaron has released so far, much of it fairly easy listening, melody heavy tracks driving lyrics that speak to a greater knowledge of the world than Aaron’s 20 years.

As a youngin’, Aaron dabbled around playing different sports to keep himself busy. He carries an internal confidence, moving with the easy grace of the former athlete he is. It was where those lessons of hard work and perseverance imparted from his grandparents played out in front of Aaron’s eyes for the first time. Sports also helped to unlock the idea of passionately chasing whatever you want being the only way to really do it within Aaron, a door that remained open as he continued on into high school. In the same way Aaron’s family did their best to impart a well-rounded perspective into him, they introduced him to music all across the board. From his grandparents, Aaron was exposed to artists such as The Bee Gees and Frank Sinatra, two very different but similarly game-changing acts. Anthemic, stadium-filling 1980’s bands Foreigner, Boston, and Journey constituted a large portion of Aaron’s first music rotation courtesy of his pops. Amongst these bands, Foreigner stood head and shoulders above the rest in Aaron’s mind. They opened his eyes to the art of abstractly describing emotion with in-depth, visual story-telling, specifically love stories that Aaron connected with heavily.

In the story of the beginnings of Aaron McClellan becoming Aaron Quinn, his time in middle school would be one of the first big checkpoints. Until that point, Aaron’s music tastes had largely revolved around what his family had exposed him to. With his family’s beliefs erring on the conservative side, the only type of music that Aaron wasn’t regularly exposed to growing up was hip-hop. Not one to make decisions lightly, Aaron genuinely wasn’t sure if he liked hip-hop or not the first few times that he heard it. Then, Lil Wayne dropped Tha Carter IV. That was the day that hip-hop locked down its place in Aaron’s world. From that point on, Aaron started throwing himself into a time machine, going back and listening through hip-hop’s history, falling in love with Tupac and finding layer after layer of inspiration from studying Snoop Dogg’s storied career. His natural inclination to dive deeper than surface level played directly into his headfirst dive into hip-hop, helping build a strong foundation for when he started making music on his own.

Going through his first three years of high school, Aaron’s focus centered around achieving on the field, keeping his involvement in music to a fan level. It wasn’t until the summer between his junior and senior year that Aaron first tried putting his voice over a track. His crossing over from fan to artist wasn’t something Aaron sat down and thought about heavily. Rather, it was a natural next step for a kid with a budding creative mind, helped on by a blunt or two, and a lot of worldly intelligence. The first time Aaron recorded came about organically. He was hanging out, passing another summer day doing whatever high school kids do in summer, when he pulled up to his homie Shane’s spot for a lazy day smoke sesh. Something about the energy in the air that day grabbed Aaron, compelling him to make good on the thoughts in his head telling him that within himself was the potential to create high quality music. One of Aaron’s other friends, Nate Ramos, had started messing around behind the boards a little while before that. Aaron tossed the headphones on, told Nate to drop a beat, and it was on. He fell in love with recording from that very first time, like a hit of pure oxygen injecting new life into his veins. The rest of the summer, Aaron tried to keep the feeling he had from that first session going, linking up with  Nate to record whenever he had a chance. Aaron could see the effort starting to pay off. His rhymes were getting tighter and he was starting to find different pockets and melodies on the beats Nate was throwing down. It helped that Aaron was setting aside time every single day to write, tapping into those lessons of hard-work and dedication passed down by his grandpa and dad.

The summer was winding down, but music had Aaron’s heart in a headlock. Not wanting to let the effort go to waste, Aaron let his passion propel him to take a trip down to Studio 201X in Milwaukee. Getting into a professional studio for the first time, everything he had been building upon clicked, and Aaron felt like he was at home. The trips to 201X became Aaron’s Friday routine, forgoing hitting football games in favor of locking into new flows. Aaron’s journey deeper into his music ability was shepherded, in part, by Lucien Parker, the owner of 201X, and a prolific producer/recording artist. Lucien helped to educate Aaron on some recording fine points he hadn’t been shown yet; building stacks, voice alterations, adlibs and the such. An eager and attentive student, Aaron soaked everything in, seeing everything as an opportunity for growth and whole-heartedly throwing himself in. With Lucien, Aaron dropped his first two songs on SoundCloud. They might not have done much when it comes to numbers, but they made Aaron hungry for more. His next two songs, which dropped on Spotify, came out of working with Nate again. Aaron had planned on continuing to work with Nate, but when they lost the space, Aaron went back down to 201X to keep working with Lucien. The chemistry was on point between the two of them, resulting in more than a handful of officially released singles.

As much as Aaron loved working with Lucien, Lucien stayed a busy man, so Aaron began looking around for other spots to record. He linked up with Eli Stamstead, an engineer at another Milwaukee spot, HI-Five Studios. For Aaron, the vibes at HI-Five picked up right where he had left off with 201X and kept it rolling. His push was helped by Eli’s belief in Aaron’s writing ability, pulling Aaron into writing sessions with established artists from around MilwaukeeSitting down, surrounded by people who had resumes he aspired to, Aaron channeled the entirety of his creativity. His drive grew from, yes, wanting to be the best artist he could, but also from a place of wanting to prove to Eli that his belief wasn’t misplaced. With the release of his newest single, “Seventeen Again” and accompanying music video on August 5th, Aaron put his best next foot forward. Building on the work he had been putting in with Eli in the writing sessions, and the work he had been putting in on his own since he got a recording spot set up in his crib, Aaron is ready to keep going full force.

Summer might be slowly drawing to a close, but Aaron is ready to keep the good vibes going as he works on new music. He’s been working on plotting the next moves, figuring out how to capitalize on the success he’s been having in the studio and translating it to getting himself on every playlist possible. If you’re interested in positive energy, relaxed vibes, do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with Aaron Quinn before you’re the last one to know!


Instagram: @aaronquinnmusic

YouTube: Aaron Quinn

Tik-Tok: @Aaronquinnmusic

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