Waves In The Air

We’re back with three tracks which have been going hard, from Icewear Vezzo, Grip, and OMB Peezy!

Sometimes ya gotta fall back to step forward. It’s been a minute since the last time I posted songs or artists that have been in the daily rotation, but these three tracks are definitely ones that are go-to’s whether it’s on the way to a Saturday double at 7 am or heading out to meet up with family. Moving forward this will be a weekly feature on the site, and feel free to DM me on Insta (@j.nsctd) or comment on here with songs you’ve been rockin with! 

Hustle Hard by Icewear Vezzo ft. RMR

Produced by The Do Betters 

Released September 29, 2021 (Rich off Pints 2)

When it comes to grinding and hustling sun-up to sun-down, day in and day out, Detroit MC Icewear Vezzo is without a doubt an expert. Coming on his fifthteenth full-length release, Rich Off Pints 2, the track is one that conveys the earnest drive that has allowed Icewear to hit that 15 project mark in less than a decade. The hook on this song provided by the ski-mask wearing crooner RMR  is one that hits deep. The driving beat produced by the enigmatic group, The Do Betters, provides a perfect backdrop for Icewear Vezzo to open up and just flow. If you’re a hustler, grinder, or just the type of person who wakes up focused on the money, this song hits you right in the soul. The strain of the grinder lifestyle comes through clearly in Icewear’s voice, but what is even more clear is that there is no fucking way that anything will stand in Icewear’s way as he continues to drop projects and build himself into a fully-fledged boss in the music game.  

Mama Told Me by Grip

Produced by AHYES & Beat Butcha

Released August 27th, 2021 (I Died for This!?)

This track dropped a couple of months ago, one of the standouts from the Atlanta wordsmiths latest full-length release, I Died for This!?. Releasing his first official project back in 2017, Porch, Grip kept up that buzz in 2019 with his second full-length album Snubnose. Grip is an artist that is always pushing himself into new territories sonically from project to project, never short of witty and introspective bars as he brings listeners into his world of mild insanity. As the saying goes, crazy recognizes crazy, and when it comes to somewhat out-their-skull no one has been more consistent than Eminem. It only makes sense that Em reached out to Grip during 2020, and signed him. The album is a sign of the great things to come in the future as Grip grows under Slim’s tutelage, but “Mama Told Me” proves that Grip has been a beast well before he uncapped a pen to make his contract official. The track finds Grip reminiscing on some advice passed his way by his mom, the type of advice (maybe worded differently) moms everywhere have tried to impart onto their boys who are growing up and turning into reckless young men. 

In The Meantime by OMB Peezy

Produced by DrumDummie

Released November 5th, 2021 (In the Meantime 2

After almost two years without a full-length project, OMB Peezy wasn’t here for games in 2021. In The Meantime 2 is the second project that he’s released this year, following up on the emotionally and visually dense project, Too Deep For Tears, highlighted by the “Big Homie” remix featuring King Von and Jackboy. This project finds OMB back in his zone, delivering real, raw lyrics over beats that let the listener slide into a zone apart from wherever they’re listening at. Standing as the last track on the album, “In The Meantime” is a perfect example of the chemistry between OMB and Drum Dummie, a bond that has been building in crescendo ever since the two came together on OMB’s first official album Loyalty Over Love, on another soul-baring track, “Venting Sessions”. The message of the track isn’t an unfamiliar one, telling the story of a young man out in the streets hustling his ass off, paranoid of it all collapsing down on him before he’s able to only deal in clean money. However, OMB Peezy imbues his soul thoroughly on the track, almost crooning the hook, making it impossible to not lose yourself in the deep yet freeing soundscape provided by Drum. Check out the whole album on all streaming platforms, you’re doing yourself a favor. 

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