Enigma Review

Milwaukee MC Khing Ceaze is back in his zone and proving why he’s on the rise

Khing Ceaze has been patiently waiting for a while now for the right time to drop Enigma, a ten track project produced and engineered by DRUMZ&ROSEZ, which sees Ceaze diving into introspective waters and tight lyricism. Dropped two days before Christmas, on December 23, 2020, Enigma is a tight project top to bottom beginning with the opening track, “Enigma” and working its way through emotional pens of Ceaze’s mind with bars that invite the listener to forget whatever the fuck else they’ve got going on at the moment to allow the music to simply wash over them as they take it all in. Khing Ceaze reps his hometown Milwaukee loud and proud, “I’m from Milwaukee, all we know is buck”, from the start. The first track immediately puts a listener into the mindstate of Khing Ceaze where finding peace and happiness are just as important as making money and living life to the fullest. It is art before it is commerce and it hits for real. While most of the album finds Ceaze in a comfortable zone with his flow, there are minimal wasted words helping add to the sense of determination and urgency that pushes Ceaze forward through the low and dark times. He has been through it all, and having spent the last few years focused heavily on the music while grinding out jobs for the paper, he has been hitting his stride.

The highlight of the album comes in the form of the track “Like Me”, sitting halfway through the tracklisting. Khing Ceaze’s ability to draw a listener into his mind entirely is on full display, as his bars lead us through a mans journey to the bottom of a bottle as he drowns his sorrow. The hook is a fantastic choice, a Halsey sample from a royalty-free sample pack that Drumz&Rosez slid in perfectly, grabbing the listener and drawing them in deep. Another standout on the album is the verse that Khing Ceaze put onto Tana Man and D. Tigg$ track, “Fuego”. The verse, which was supposed to be on the original release, was thankfully able to be included and released on this album. Together, the three artists make a powerful combination, and have all been on point with their drops recently. Back to Ceaze, he has been working his way back through the game and the work is certainly paying off. His wordplay is tight throughout the album, giving the listener plenty to unpack, so don’t do yourself a disservice and get this album rocking through ya headphones asap. It’s available on all platforms, and hopefully visuals will be coming soon to accompany the fantastic piece of work that Ceaze put together.

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