ShunMillion$ Stays Lowkey While Shining

Up and Coming Milwaukee Artist ShunMillion$ stays true to himself and focused while continuing to build himself into his final artistic form

ShunMillion$ is an artist above all else, consistently focused on bettering his craft and getting in touch with his inner voice. Music is a family affair for Shun as both his grandpa and great uncle are accomplished jazz musicians who instilled the importance of sound into Shun at a young age. He was born in San Diego, maybe where his low-key chill vibe originates from, before his parents moved the family to Milwaukee when Shun was only four years old, putting their roots down on Milwaukee’s Northside. It wasn’t long until Shun decided that he wanted to flip his artist switch on, starting to fuck around on the mic when he was eight. In familial tradition, his older brother was already trying his hand out making music so together they would hook a microphone up to the family computer, download some instrumentals and get after it. Obviously there was no true substance in the music when it came to those early days, but Shun fondly reminisces on those experiences of being young and experimenting with his voice. For him, the carefree attitude of his eight-year-old self rapping is a feeling that he strives to stay in touch with as he continues to create today especially as life goes on and the trials and tribulations that come along with that begin to affect more and more aspects of his life. Shun continued to make music for fun as he progressed through middle and high school, but like most kids that age he was more focused on the new social worlds that were unfolding before him. That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t still putting in work, releasing some music and even playing in a couple of shows around the Milwaukee area. People were paying attention, and when Shun was a junior he was given the opportunity to step onto the stage for the first time. The show was held in Racine, WI with ShunMillion$ as the opener for the (at the time) up and coming artist Mickey Factz. Shun was focused on school but as an intelligent kid was well aware of the world around him and “growing up into the Northside, I got cool with what to do and what not to do”. When Shun graduated from high school in 2015, he knew it was time to turn it up to ten with the focus on his music career. Coincidentally, his older brother who he had begun recording with so many years ago had continued down his own music path. He had become friends with people across the industry and as big bro let Shun tap into that network, making connections with dudes across the city. Shun dropped a song called “Northside Trap Bitch”, which quickly caught a buzz around the city, helped by the local references that Shun scattered throughout the track. Before he knew it, the song was posted up by Daily Chiefers, a music blog which focuses on underground artists across the United States which helped the track quickly surpass 5 thousand streams. This was when Shun knew that he had something, that the long hours he had been pouring into the music was clicking on a much larger scale.

When Shun pledged his allegiance to hip-hop, he stood up and has never stood down since, because as Shun said best “We all out here no tgiving a fuck and we have to figure out something to stand behind for”. This mentality has helped propel Shun to success from the start. Hiis life had long ago had become centered around hip-hop, with each passing victory another trophy on his mental shelf  One of the biggest and brightest trophies on display was from the first SXSW gig that Shun was booked for when he took the trip down there in 2017. He was buzzing off of an article that had been published in Copywrite Magazine: Surge Edition, giving Shun his first exposure on that scale. At the time Shun was working with MissMocha Music for his management, going hard day in and day out to get Shuns name out there poppin. Although they no longer work together in a management capacity, the two still collaborate heavily on the marketing side as Shun has been working on turning his passion and the fun that goes along with that into a business that will allow Shun to get what he deserves for his output. When he first began his journey, Shun would find himself surrounded by others who would talk a big game but fail to deliver at the end of the day, or take things said in their conversation and run with it in ways that showed Shun he needed to be protective of what he said to who. In doing so, Shun was able to surround himself with people who were truly on the same mission and wanted to see everyone win, not just themselves. One such individual was a producer out of Milwaukee named RichySlims. “Man RichySlims that’s my go to shooter, I have a whole project produced by him that’s staying in the vault” Shun said, “I want to wait until I have the right pieces in place until I drop that”.  That day will hopefully be soon, as Shun has been locked in go mode and working on planning his next moves.

Outside of physically moving out of Milwuakee, Atlanta is the most likely next destination for him, Shun has been working on a couple of different projects recently, an EP as well as a full length mixtape. The mixtape is entitled, A Boy Who Cried Cake, a beautiful modern take on the old tale of a boy who cried wolf. “Basically the idea is that the kid brags about this or that, showing off the shit that he doesn’t actually have yet to impress and when he finally does get it no one gives a fuck” Shun went into detail, “He has to live with this ego he created and now has to stroke himself until eventually he has to humble himself and become a conscious part of culture.”. It is designed to be a statement on the culture of flex and finesse that dominates today, and as Shun steps deeper into the industry, he wanted to showcase his ability to rap through different viewpoints as well as deepening his own thinking process when looking at situations he finds himself in to understand the most positive steps forward. The EP is not entirely constructed yet as Shun plans on really taking his time and going into depth on exploring different themes. He has also been experimenting with punching in and out recently, although he prefers one takes as it allows him to fully encapsulate the emotion he desires to imbue within it, the punch ins allow his inner perfectionist to come out and make sure each piece is perfect. The fronto’s Shun has been rolling up for a while now don’t help his overall lung capacity but Shun does his best to counter the effects through sipping on tea to help soothe his voice and understand what he puts in his body on a deeper level to ensure it’s going to help take him and not hurt him. It is all a part of creating a new template for success for Shun, one that will let him reach the level of success he feels he deserves and is sure to be coming his way sooner rather than later. The tapes aren’t scheduled for release yet but they are definitely on the way so make sure to follow Shun on all the social media so it isn’t missed. Shun will be making music no matter what, letting his soul flow through the mic and into headphones across the globe while he pushes the grind forward.

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