Lonny Lohon Is Here For The Long Haul

Rising artist Lonny Lohon has been locked in his zone, focusing on personal growth while putting together his up-coming album ‘Omnipotent

Lonny Lohon might not have been able to legally get lit until this last October, but he’s been turnt up for a while now. Growing up on the eastside of Milwaukee, WI, Lonny has been working on creating a signature sound of his own through creative experimentation across genres. Lonny first started freestyling lyrics when he was seven or eight years old, nothing that has made it through to the current day, but the process hooked Lonny immediately. It wasn’t until he was fourteen that he found a pair of cubicle headphones stashed away in the attic that he began recording and diving deep into fleshing out a sound. Given the lack of resources afforded to Lonny, he jailbroke a version of Mixcraft, a multitrack recording application for Windows, one of the first steps to creating fully mixed tracks. Originally, Lonny recorded under the moniker, “Lonny Peuo”, drawing inspiration from Frank Ocean and his own last name to put it together. It wasn’t too long though before Lonny decided that it just wasn’t the right fit for the vibe he was trying to encapsulate. Coming of age in the late 2000’s meant viewing the very public mental collapses of numerous celebrities, one of the most notable and impossible to turn away from being Linday Lohan’s fall from the top. Much can be said about the media’s biased and negative coverage which went breached any ideals of privacy between the media and subject, but what Lonny saw what someone who was living free and while Lindsay might have done things outside of the box, crossing lines in doing so, she was simply being her free-spirited wild self. It is from this that Lonny drew inspiration for the second iteration of his name, Lonny Lohon, in an ode to living young, wild, and free while the chance to do so is still there. Also, “I changed up the spelling so we wouldn’t have to deal with a lawsuit later”, Lonny explained, and similarly to Lindsay, Lonny got into plenty of shit that he wasn’t supposed too while growing up but is already wise enough to understand the necessity of taking a lesson from those times and not letting them weigh him down.

As the years passed and Lonny continued to work on his sound, it only made sense that he would attend the Milwaukee School of Arts, putting himself in a collaborative environment that would allow him to push himself by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals. Here his talent began to shine through, and it wasn’t long before Lonny found himself performing around the city. In fact, one of his first shows in the city took place at the Miramar Theatre, a statement as to Lonny’s burgeoning potential. He was also scheduled to rock the stage at Summerfest, the summer time music festival in Milwaukee that is the World’s Largest Music Festival as well as the largest collection of blacked out high schoolers in the Midwest. Once he graduated from high school in 2018, Lonny immediately got out of Milwaukee, hopping on a plane to Los Angeles to link up with a close homie of his who was already out there. It didn’t take Lonny living out west long for things to begin clicking, with him signing to an agent and beginning to search for opportunities. He has been able to get a few random acting placements, adding to his portfolio and giving him experience/insight deeper into the world of entertainment. He continued to do shows, and pushing his sound into new areas as he became more in touch with the artistic side of himself. Lonny partially achieves this by staying away from social media trends, focusing on being himself as much as possible and exploring whatever sounds and angles he desires. He also prefers to record by himself, having set up a studio in his apartment and collaborating with a lot of people electronically. This set up also plays well for Lonny’s preferred punch-in/punch-out recording style, hopping onto the mic and stitching together magic.

This move was around the time that Lonny began really investing into his music as well, pushing the dollars into it to watch it grow and grow it has. He has had shows across LA, both headlining and opening up for larger acts. The city has recently begun to open up and Lonny is itching to get back out there to engage with the crowds once more. It was while living in LA that Lonny got tied in with his manager Rico, and began taking regular trips to Houston, adding yet another layer of versatility and depth to his music by incorporating the sounds of Houston. This is one of Lonny’s best traits as an artist, his ability to walk into a place and draw inspiration from it while still being himself. Being unafraid to be himself has also allowed Lonny to stay close to his Milwaukee roots, staying smooth no matter what. “There’s a lot of smooth dudes from the Mil” , Lonny started, “I like laying my music out and letting the smoothness just come out”. It makes sense then that freestyling is the preferred method of creation is freestyling, punching in and out as he lets the beat marinate in his brain. When it comes to Lonny letting his mind roam and connect those puzzle pieces, he has found that meditation is an incredibly effective tool. He has been meditating every day, using the time to disconnect from the outside world and look inwardly to understand what moves he needs to make and where he needs to put his focus to achieve those goals. The last month or two, Lonny has been “locked in on his get to the money shit”, one piece of which has been listening to “Think and Grow Rich” consistently on audiobook, getting his mind right and prepper to take the game over.

            Lonny has been locked up in the crib in Houston while working on putting the finishing touches on his next release, Omnipotent, which is slated to be an eleven-track project. From what he could let on, Lonny went heavy on the comedic bars throughout the project, having spent a lot of time just working through the flows and ensuring all bars mesh perfectly. The album is filled with plenty of content related to self-empowerment, finding the inner strength to keep on going no matter what, a message that carries even more importance as people continue to move forward through these trying times. The album cover features a T.Rex, the largest land animal ever, below a shining ball of energy, emerging from large cred clouds. A plane’s wing is above the ball of energy and perched upon it is Lonny himself, representing his efforts to separate himself from the pack and get as closer to the pure energy as possible. This ties in with Lonny’s recent pursuits of fulfillment on a higher level. Fashion has been an outlet for much longer than the last year, but being holed up in his apartment has allowed Lonny to really flesh out some ideas for his upcoming merchandise drop. Eventually, Lonny plans on dropping a merchandise line featuring different logo’s paying homage to Linday Lohan’s bald head with Lonny’s own artistic touches being put on it. There is much to be looking forward too from Lonny Lohon as 2021 progresses, make sure to follow him on all social media to stay up to date and run up the streams on his new album, Omnipotent, when it drops!

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