The Path To Get Big with D.Tigg$

From the Mil to the A, D.Tigg$ stays making plays while putting on for the 414

Growing up on the Milwaukee’s Northside, DTigg$ started penning lyrics while attending Roosevelt Middle School. One of his closest friends just so happened to have started making beats around the same time, who went by Bizness Boi. Biz is a Grammy-nominated producer nowadays, but back when he and D.Tigg$ first started their journey, “Man, he started making beats on an OG playstation, rigged it up and everything”, learning how to create from nothing. It’s the type of nothing to something story that would make any Midwest grinder proud. Naturally, the two teamed up with homies from around the neighborhood to create, Killa Squad, the first group D.Tigg$ was a part of. As D.Tigg$ continued onto Washington High School, he continued to mess around with writing and producing, not fully ready to yet step in front of the mic. This time spent behind the scenes allowed D.Tigg$ to craft his writing skills on multitudes of beats. Like so many others from Milwaukee, D.Tigg$ realized that he needed to get out of the city to be able to grow as a person. So, he packed up his bags, and headed south until he hit Atlanta, where he has been living ever since.

            D.Tigg$ decision to move to Atlanta was driven by his desire to meet his father and cement their relationship. For the first time in D.Tigg$ life he was living outside of the 414, no small decision for an adult so dedicated to the hometown. On the other hand, it’s not every day that one gets the chance to create a new relationship with a parent. While the differences between the two cities are stark, it took D.Tigg$ no time at all to feel at home in Atlanta. Beyond the change in nightlife, and just overall level of wealth within the city, the culture of fostering relationships and building ingrained into Atlanta struck D.Tigg$. His familial circle then expanded further in January 2015 when D.Tigg$ got married to his beautiful wife, guaranteeing his most ardent fan would always be by his side. In fact, “She’s the one who really pushes me, like she’ll tell me if it sucks, she’s just honest,”, which is the type of backbone any successful artist needs. In his heart, though, D.Tigg$ felt something missing. It wasn’t the lack of kids, D.Tigg$ and his wife love to travel and kids tend to create certain restrictions on the type of travel and places two fun-loving adults can head too. D.Tigg$ had accomplished his goal for moving to Atlanta, going beyond simply becoming acquainted with his pops, “We’re best friends,”, D.Tigg$ proudly stated. He saw his best friend Bizness Boi move to Atlanta and then out to LA, on the steady grind to the top. Being a REAL Cheesehead at heart, D.Tigg$ had his revenue streams steady so it wasn’t looking to expand those. With his mind and heart finally full and clear, it was finally time for D.Tigg$ to step into the booth and let loose.

            Real recognizes real, and when D.Tigg$ met ATL artist Tana Man for the first time, the chemistry was immediate. What came out of that meeting was the track “Fuego”, which represented D.Tigg$ initial foray back into music. Those years of writing for Killa Squad and hanging out with Bizness Boi and seeing him grind out the beats searching for any imperfection combined with D.Tigg$ natural artistry paid off. Across the five mixtapes that D.Tigg$ has released in the two and a half years back in the game, he has shown a consistent ability to push himself over all categories of beats. In addition to Tana Man, D.Tigg$ linked up with DRUMZ&ROSEZ who have blessed Tigg$ with consistent, top-notch production. One advantage of coming from a city without a national music presence is the freedom artists have to simply be themselves. With nothing to be compared too, their passion and creativity can immediately differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. For D.Tigg$, he has been able to remain true to his 414 core while dripping in ATL swag. He has been grinding throughout this pandemic, one of his favorites being “Hands Up”, combining with Bamtrell over a lush background provided by DRUMZ&ROSEZ working with Jefe Don on the song “California Palm Trees”. It is a great example of Tigg$ ability to hopscotch through regional sounds with ease, and more than a few steps away from anything Milwaukee artists have been dropping in the past decade even. With the song, D.Tigg$ took the leap forward of creating his first ever full music video, taking his commitment to the grind to the next level with it.

            D.Tigg$ has only been releasing content for two and a half years, but by capitalizing on every opportunity that has come his way, he made leaps and bounds in his ability. There is no short route to the top, or even to the middle, but D.Tigg$ is in it for the long game. That much is clear, from deciding to move away to reunite with his father, to marrying a strong woman who has his back through thick and thin, and even hitting the Farm Festival in August to bring his music back to Milwaukee. While moving back to his hometown is not out of the question, D.Tigg$ plans to remain posted in the A, grinding out the hours in the studio and continuing to release high-quality mixtapes at a rapid pace. It has been a long road to this point, but D.Tigg$ has remained focused and position himself for success by creating a network of artists, engineers, and producers across the board. He is determined to not waste this momentum by spreading the love, supporting those who support him and hopefully showing the youngin’s back in Brew City that if they remain dedicated and true to themselves, anything is possible. Keep your eyes open as D.Tigg$ has one more mixtape planned for 2020, which will round out a stellar year, and is sure to catapult him into 2021 in style.

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