Welcome Back, Mr. NoCap

The Man from Mobile is finally back free, and dropped “Steel Human” a 16-track LP with plenty of flavor

The man from Mobile is back, fresh out, and blessing his devoted following with 16 fresh tracks showcasing the soul-touching ability he imbues into his songs. The cut with Boosie, “Gangsta Cryin”, is yet another statement song from NoCap, making it at least one an album thus far. Its definitely of the deeper cuts on there, and Boosie’s gravelly voiced wisdom paired perfectly with NoCaps more subdued flow on the beat, with both dropping gems on the track. “Count a Million” is easily the best song on the album with Uzi absolutely going in on his verse, and NoCap standing tall next to him, setting the scene in the first half of the song. It’s in the first half that NoCap drops maybe my favorite line on the album “I’m in a hundred-grand on favors” with a ad-libbed cry that cuts deep. It hasn’t been an easy road for NoCap, but he never fails to impress with each new release deeping his catalogue and widening his audience.

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