Three new tracks that I’ve been feeling lately that I think deserve more shine

Suicide Remix- YNW Melly ft Juice Wrld

    • This songs showcases both YNW Melly and juice wrld (rip) singing abilities, blending together a beautiful song that may be the best song about post love woe since sean kingston blessed us with beautiful girls in the long ago days of 2006. Both of these dudes have always been solid when it comes to their emotional connectivity through the music. They are able to warble and jab their voices right into your psyche, with Melly bringing the hook together clean as always. Hopefully he can be staying that clean in jail, especially after news came out that he has corona, thoughts are with him! Back to the song, it is rare that hip hop produces a song that touches you in the soul, breaking ya down, with the main focus topic being woman and the end of a relationship. I’m more used to Future-esque fuckitness, where post break up is fuck a bitch, fucked that bitch, gonna fuck that one. It is a refreshing change of pace and also a brutal reminder of how insanely talented Juice Wrld was, we hope he’s resting in peace. Melly’s lyrical gymnastics up and down the traditional scales take the listener through an emotional journey and Juice’s backup vocals on the main hook are straight up fucking ethereal, a shining light of beauty, being enveloped within those breathless middle hook ends. The hope for now is that we continue to discover unreleased Juice music and that Melly will be able to either continue to release mew music, get home and make new music and that he also is able to fight off this Covid virus.

“Righteous”- Juice WRLD

    • Juice WRLD’s posthomus single, “Righteous”, is a vivid window into the mind of a kid who is much to young to be dealing with so much of this anxiety and pain that is inside of him, begging and yearning for help and for something to change but understanding that it most likely never will, so he adheres to the generational mantra related to pain: pop one and pour up. The self-prescribed daily dose of pills, dumb-strong weed, and potentially alcohol isn’t just a passing fad for many people in the younger generation. The world turns and every day we are exposed to another tragedy, another fucked up event, another person dead, and there is no disconnect. As he said on his opening track of Death Race for Love, “I was brought here to lead the lost souls”, which without a doubt seemed to be true while he was still alive and continuing to make music, and his description of himself in an all-white Gucci suit at the beginning of “Righteous” certainly evokes the image of him leading a generation of the damned through the fires of Hades. The song is a harrowing journey itself, and one that seems as though it could be Juice narrating his last days, the stresses and anxieties that are overwhelming him, the demons chasing him slowly starting to catch him, almost as though he knew that his time was short. The minimalist nature of the beat, the piano, allows Juice the space to truly flex his vocal range imbued with the weight of the world that is slowly starting to crush him. If a listener closes their eyes (best done in a car with the volume up as loud as possible) the images behind their eyelids will slowly start to shift and become clearer of a young man, holed up away from society, the shades drawn to avoid the light, pill and codeine bottle stacked up and falling over in corners. It is enough to slip even the bubbliest individual into a depressive, druggy haze, even if it is for just a few minutes, to gaze at the world through the heavy-lidded eyes of Juice. The song scrapes away a little of the scar tissue that has built up since his passing, but it is a beautiful reminder of his talent and what we lost too soon. It is a reminder to never allow his voice to die, to continue to ensure that we take the time to make sure that those around


“Zoo York”- Lil TJay ft. Pop Smoke & Fivio Foreign

    • This song is a banger front to back. From getting one more Lil TJay and Pop Smoke collab, the fact that Fivio was able to get a verse on this as he is currently the NY Driller taking the country by storm, to (for myself as someone the same age as these dudes) evoking memories of the Zoo York clothing brand that dominated during our adolescent years and them having gone from rocking it to running it. It is a strong statement piece from the city, especially given the fact that Polo G, G Herbo and Lil Durk walked up to the drill scene with flamethrowers and let loose with their albums to remind us who’s on top right now.

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