Becoming an Artist Through the Mirror

Tips for rising artists to creating a brand identity and online presence through authenticity

While there may be no such thing as bad publicity once a person reaches a certain stage, for up and coming artists, controlling their brand and making sure that it connects to different audiences in a positive fashion is a definite need. There is an oversaturation of people who are trying to independently make something of themselves on social media forums. It can be incredibly easy for someone who is very talented to become lost in the shuffle which is why creating a brand identity and pursuing multiple avenues of market penetration is crucial for an artists success in 2019. Below are some key tips that can help an up-and-coming artist distinguish themselves from the rest of the online whirlwind and find a lane that will allow them to thrive:

  1. Don’t let yourself fall too deeply into character that you lose your ability to connect with the outside world and lose touch of the real-life impact your music has. It can be a problem for artists who get out of touch with the zeitgeist for them to be able to continue to produce music that connects with the public audience


  1. There have been numerous artists who have shown us in the past decade that once you have an image, it is very hard to change that image within the media. Make sure that you keep yourself in check while tweeting or posting to IG, because the last thing anyone would want is for an old post to come back and bite you in the future.


  1. Find an online identity that feels comfortable and feels like you, something that you can repeat and continue for years on end. Now I am not suggesting that an artist becomes a fake version of themselves, but that I am attempting to get at is that if you try to be something you clearly are not or live a life that just isn’t yours, it will end up burning you out or getting you burned out.


  1. Authenticity is so huge because people are disillusioned with the characters created by the media solely for hype, all the out of touch big names, and fans would much rather feel as though there is a real connection with the artist and that they can see you’re just a human being such as themselves.


  1. One super successful technique in today’s landscape is to market yourself around a hobby of yours, reaching out to others in the same hobby, creating that marketable human side of yourself that people can connect with beyond the music. This can be done through YouTube videos focused around favorite subjects, or doing fan Q&A’s on Twitter


  1. It is crucial to look at yourself nowadays as a full brand, a full well-rounded person, not just an artist. An artist isn’t just someone who makes music nowadays, but is also a real-individual who has their own hobbies and interests and deals with issues the rest of the public does as well. It matters in all aspects how you carry yourself and looking to exploit any available avenue to grow your fan base.
    1. In this regard, don’t try and be something you’re not by trying to appeal to a. fan base you know nothing about but if you are established in something already then do that



  1. Consistency in posting/interaction is key! If you’re irregular in post consistency then you’re falling behind, at least in terms of keeping your buzz going. It can be easy for artists to get lost in the whirlwind, so consistently promoting your upcoming releases or events, or even just things you’re doing on a regular basis allows fans to keep up to date and wanting more. On that note, it would help to be up on the latest in terms of what is most valuable within your culture, connecting with up to date terms and ideas to interact with fans in best possible way/most advantageous both ways



  1. Using different mediums for social media penetration is key; while tweeting a lot or posting a lot of pictures can be good, by utilizing different platforms for their most useful functions, the artist can most effectively interact with fans across the different mediums and end up creating the largest overall impact



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