“Effected” by Cozz: Reveiw

Cozz and effect, the basic explanation behind why things happen. With his debut LP, “Effected”, Cozz is doing his best to let the game know he’s here and shits about to get shaken up. 14 songs long, the album takes us through Cozz’s mind as he explores different demons, beliefs, or passions of his. It isn’t too long, at 51 minutes, but there isn’t a dull moment on it. By cramming it in there the way that he did, it adds to some of the anxiety-feel that comes off in certain songs, that Cozz’s mind is a packed place racing constantly, flipping between rap, women, smoking a blunt or kickin it with the homies.

Right before he dropped the album, Cozz released a documentary through Dreamville that focused on his upbringing, where he came from, the trenches he came out of. It was a nice addition to the music, as it added extra urgency to his voice when you listen to him talking about getting up out of there, making it for his moms. Overall the album was lyrically sharp, with good features that add quality to album. They complement Cozz lyrically, it doesn’t seem like he ijust going for big names for the sake of it being a hit, but rather to prove that he can hold his own. He steps up, banging out the verses next to Kendrick, Currensy, and Cole, three of the most consistent rappers in the game today. When it came to the production, the snares are sharp hitting throughout the piece. This album gives Cozz a fantastic springboard from which he steps up and shows that he is for real and not going anywhere. The lyrics are emotionally deep, everyday emotions of a normal person, the anxiety, depression, “will I make it?” thoughts that bounce around all of our craniums. One of my personal highights in this area is the song “Demons and Distractions” in which Cozz is talking to a girl at first, a blunt, a car, let’s relax and kick it. The song switches up, co-joined with a skit of a hater in his brain, to a more frantic, sketchy approach. It manages to come together to create the feeling of an anxious person’s brain, as though we were actually racing through Cozz’s mind from spot to spot. The song “Freaky 4″5 one of the better songs on the album, shows where his state of mind is maybe at, more-so instead of himself actually seeing himself as an old man just that he’s been out here for a minute grinding and doing his thing. He’s been out here gettin it, so he needs a girl that understands that, and who’s gonna hold him down. He’s been going through things and these insta thots just don’t cut it anymore.

Overall, I am very happy that I decided to click on the album when it scrolled across my screen, as I got to throw another quality artist into my rotation. This LP is a good debut for Cozz, one that can serve as solid footing for him when he is trying to make it bigger and bigger. With J. Cole being the head of his label, it is hard to see him dipping in quality much as he goes forward, instead I expect him to experiment even more, and try to find his exact lane, as Cole did. 6/10








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