“Bravo Blvd”, Bravo: Reveiw

A bight, colorful introduction album that sets Nick Coleman up well for future success. 

It’s always cool to see people around you begin to make big plans in an attempt to realize their potential talent in a certain field. It’s even cooler when they actually push themselves and follow through on those plans. Bravo, a.k.a. Nick Coleman, is a new artist from Madison, WI. I met him originally when he was a freshman at Madison, as he happened to live right by one of my friends in the dorms. I would see him around campus, saying whats up when I did, but never really having a conversation to catch up. Turns out, he was working on something pretty dope, “Bravo Blvd.”, a 7-track long E.P. that runs around 21 minutes.

Opening up with, “Niche”, Bravo takes us through some of the journey of his life, working his way into music and finding what his path was. The beat is catchy, and he manages to find footing with some faster-paced bars. The lyrical quality is nice, a good starting spot for the album. The next track on the album, “Friendzone” is the most radio-friendly song. It is a catchy song, with Bravo giving us insight into his attempt to gain the trust of a girl he wants to be with. It is a tale that many a college-aged guy can empathize with, and therefore fuck with. He decides to take a step in the signing direction on the next cut, “Angel”, which admittedly does start semi-off sounding but after a few bars, it begins to mesh. “The Ride” wraps up the album on the upbeat, motivational, happy message that wrapped itself up in most of the rest of the album. It is as much of a song compelling listeners to live in the moment and keep working for your goal because it will come, as it is seems a song for himself. Throughout, the symbolism and metaphors are basic yet telling (running on a treadmill and not moving anywhere), and the themes that Bravo presents through the album are ones of motivation, positive thinking, and enjoying life as it comes. This opening project serves as a nice basis for Nick to work off of going forward. It is a refreshing message to hear, one that a lot of people could use when we seem to only hear bad in the news. I am looking forward to his next project, hopefully he can continue to bring the positive vibes.

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