Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho: Review

Overall the album has a feel very much like anything else that Migos or Travis has dropped in the past year or so. Debilitating bass hits, the beats smooth and silky with snares thrown in here and there. There is nothing incredibly original to it, but it always sounds good when Huncho and Cactus are on a track. Black and Chinese was a song that I particularly didn’t care for right off the bat, however it might begin to take on a “Green and Purple” quality, meaning that the more you listen to it the better it sounds. I wasn’t a big fan of it when it first came out, the grinding lyrics that seemed so simple and inane, but Travis has that touch to bury it deep in your head until you can’t help but repeating the refrain over and over.

Opening up with Modern Slavery was a good start point for the album. If you can look past the deep bass and auto-tuned voices, listening to either one of them about political topics is refreshing. It is not a wholly original concept but it could have been fleshed out more to truly create something of power. The idea that jewelry and all the nice things that they buy is just because they are trapped in a cycle, unable to get help, put there by the white man is one that has a lot of plausibility in it. This is a route that should be more explored by these two. The album continues with “Eye 2 Eye” ft. Takeoff, a quick reminder that Takeoff is a savage, not afraid of doing the dirty work while Quavo is busy polishing his watches with hundreds. “Where U From” toward the end of the album perked my ears up, but overall the album was one of monotony. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy the collab (I really do) but there is so much that could be done, yet so little was. Both seemed much more comfortable to stay in their own lane rather than try to branch out and use each others massive creative abilities to make something one of a kind. The production is pretty flawless throughout, to be expected with Travis on the track, and it does have a nice coherent feel to it. There is no incredibly distorted tracks, or ones that are so out there you have to wonder how the fuvk they got through r&d. If you’re simply looking for another album to bump while smoking, drinking, popping xannies until you can’t stand then that’s exactly what you have here. It won’t do anything new for listening sensibilities or expand viewpoints but Travis and Quavo prove there’s enough fire left in that fireplace for you to enjoy some new heat this holiday season.

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