New Boys on the Block

This post is in relation to new music that’s been running through my headphones a lot recently, some new artists that I believe have real solid potential.

The first is about Buddy, a Compton native and Pharell protege. His latest project, “Ocean and Montana”, has an incredibly infectious vibe to it that perfectly accompanies summer. The opening track, “Find Me” has an almost  early Cudi-esque feeling to it. Buddy uses the laid-back, head-bobbing beat as a backdrop to open up about the way tBuddy-Ocean-And-Montana-1495206961hat he has been feeling in the process of making the album. It reminds me almost of “Day N’ Nite”, a stoner, somewhat drinker, trying to escape alone and figure out who they are and what they’re doing. “Smokin and drinkin all by myself, hopin I find myself”, echoes along the chorus, Buddy creating a very vibe heavy but also emotionally deep song. One of the most common themes that comes out of his music is being young, being lost in the world, and using weed and alcohol to cope with the difficult feelings and issues that come along his youth. “World of Wonders” is the third track on the album, another song with a beat that forces you to move and bob with the snare hits and fingers snapping. In many ways, it is a song that you can hear coming out of many young voices. Getting with women, being wary of their true intentions, balling out for them when you can, all the things that truly matter when attempting to get them back to the crib. Buddy is an artist to watch in the upcoming months, as this would be a great time for him to blossom. An album built to be played in warm environments and while blowing down plenty of top-grade tree, Buddy is definitely an artist to watch and hopefully he drops new music in the foreseeable future.

OMB Peezy is another new kid on the block, one straight out of the dirty south. Peezy hails from Mobile, Alabama. While he hasn’t yet put out a full mixtape, or album, his singles that have been coming through show the promise of a long-career. When I first listened to him, I immediately was trying to find comparisons within the game. The closest comparison that I found though, came from someone who is no longer with us. R.I.P. Lil Snupe. Snupe had that vibe around him, similar to OMB, where he had vicious bars, was an unrelenting street cat who was able to convert his experiences in the streets and the emotions that went along with that, into music that listeners could bump to in a multitude of situations. What I believe is a major difference between the two is simply due to where they’re from. OMB Peezy’s music drips with southern influence, the low-languid beats that are perfect for chilling to while also going in. Peezy has been blowingomb p up lately, with magazines like FADER calling him the future of hip-hop. This moniker is one that is always overused, cliche to the max, and almost inevitably ends up with the individual failing to live up to their promised potential. I don’t know if I fully agree with the idea that Peezy is the “future of hip-hop”, I do think that he has the potential to make it far in the game. One of the songs that I’ve especially been bumping a lot of OMB’s, is “When I Was Down”. The song opens with Peezy rapping over piano keys and a horn that cuts in and out intermittently. Once the bass kicks in, it creates a laid-back backdrop for Peezy to paint a tale of life in the streets trying to figure out who’s still down for him and who isn’t now that he has begun to make something of himself. He shows lyrical dexterity on the song, weaving together stories of him in the streets doing what he needed to do to get through the struggle. It is not a story that is being told for the first time, almost every artist at some point makes a song or two about blowing up and the inevitability of new money, new friends, new problems. Another song of OMB Peezy’s to check out is “Lay Down”. Constructed in a similar low-key southern banger fashion, it is a song that is easy on the ears and has a small enough production to allow for OMB to showcase his ability. The future is relatively open for OMB Peezy, as he begins to amble down the path of a rapper. Hopefully he can keep up the solid work, as the South is looking for a new generation of voices that isn’t from Atlanta. Kevin Gates, Weezy, and other non-Atlanta acts can only hold the standard and pressure for so long, Peezy seems like someone who can help to take the role of the Southern street veteran imparting advice from a place of wisdom while also maintaining his toughness and not sacrificing his homegrown influence in his music. Below is a link to his soundcloud, checking it out is highly recommended:

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