Future, “FUTURE” Review

This is part of what we have been waiting for. As long as I can remember, Future has been talking about dropping his “Future Hendrxx” album, that it was who he truly was, it was him baring his soul as an artist. He decided to split it into two album, one entitled “FUTURE” and the other entitled “Hendrxx”. This review is focusing on the first album, and there will be another one coming for the other album.

The album as a whole is a quality project. Future is going hard, spitting bars about fucking other mens girls, his drug usage, women in the clubs, and all the normal Future lyrics that we have come to expect. It opens strong with the song “Rent Money”, a good opener that sets up what most of the album will sound like. He does decide to alternate his flow on songs from what we have previously heard. It is not all smooth melodic flows, there are choppy bits, more harsh bars included. “Draco” is a song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, the lyrics pretty Future-esque at their core, but quality nonetheless.

“I’m So Groovy” and “Mask off” bring life and pep to the middle of the album. Both are songs that bring the crowd up, get you ready to get in your own vibe and run with it. “Percocets, Molly Percocet” from ‘I’m So Groovy” is a line that will have you bumping along, feeling as though you’re the one who’s popping pills, sipping from double cups, and smoking blunts on the regular. Future is in his zone, vibing out to his own aura and letting everyone know it. One thing that truly stands out is the flute in the instrumental on “Mask Off”. Hearing a flute incorporated well into the background is something of wonder, and it is done to perfection on this song.

Future changes direction on “When I Was Broke”. Personally this is a Future that I love to hear, because it is one that we haven’t heard in a quality capacity since ‘Honest’. It is an introspective Future, one that is “in his feelings”. Some people might think that Future suffers when he is in this zone but I believe that it is when Future is at his best. Future is at his peak when he is letting himself speak almost as an R&B/Blues singer, allowing the hardships of his life to guide his songs and his overall music vibe. Finishing the album with “Feds Did a Sweep” is Future being able to tie up the album in a way that he is in his feelings, being introspective about his upbringing as well as being “hard” for the streets. It is one of the better songs on the album and overall has a quality to it that allows one to slip into the mind-state of someone who is in the trap, grinding and working their way out and finally achieving it but losing plenty of homies/associates along the way. Every success comes with pain and struggle, there is no sunshine without the rain. It is a story that everyone can relate to, the pain that precedes finding joy and happiness in their lives.

Overall the album is one of the better ones that Future has released. It is not of the quality of DS2 but it is not an album to be ashamed of. Hopefully Future can continue this momentum as he releases Hndrxx the week after. He is close to claiming his spot as one of the most influential rappers of our generation, and these two albums could help him to seal his spot.

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